Nicole Scherzinger Busts Out The Cleavage

Nicole Scherzinger BRIT Awards Sony Afterparty

The former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger looked stunning in a black bondage-inspired outfit when she presented a trophy at the BRIT Awards, then she made sure all eyes were on her as she headed to the BRIT Awards Sony afterparty in a nude bra-let and skirt, which almost let her down in front of photographers. Now that is some epic cleavage and booty curves. And hey, the rest of her is freaking shwingtastic as well, so… enjoy!

Nicole Scherzinger Hot Lingerie See Through Dress

Nicole Scherzinger see through

Here’s X-Factor judge hot Nicole Scherzinger leaving a restaurant in London this past weekend and looking like a sexy little minx in one of her pseudo lingerie dresses that she loves to wear. Seriously, it basically looks like a lingerie get-up, especially the top part, right? Actually, it looks like she’s just wearing a bra. Which is totally freaking awesome. And she’s showing off some booty curves as well. Again, totally freaking awesome. Enjoy the view!

Nicole Scherzinger Busty Catwoman Costume

Nicole Scherzinger catwoman

Here is Nicole Scherzinger leaving some Halloween shindig in London late last night, and looking like the sexiest Catwoman ever! Even sexier than Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman. I mean seriously, look at her. And look at her insanely sexy cleavage popping out like crazy! And all of that sexy skin she’s showing down the side. If you ask me, Nicole Scherzinger catwoman totally won Halloween 2013. And the rest of the year. Enjoy!

Nicole Scherzinger Cleavage Show

Nicole Scherzinger cleavage

Uber hottie Nicole Scherzinger is still stuck in London, but that’s not stopping her from going out at night and having a good time… and busting out a serious amount of sexy cleavage. Not only is Nicole a major freaking hottie, and not only does she have some of the most bodacious curves on the planet, and not only does she know how to move said bodacious curves, but she also has some of the most awesome cleavage on the planet and loves showing it off. Sigh… perfection. Enjoy!

Nicole Scherzinger Bare Midriff

Nicole Scherzinger belly

Here is Nicole Scherzinger hot showing off her sexy bare midriff on her way back from taping The X-Factor. I’ve held out for a while now, but if Nicole keeps this up, I may have to actually break down and start watching the show. And by that I mean fast forward through it on mute until the good parts: whenever Nicole shows up. Man, she makes me want to show her my secret talent. Enjoy the view!

Nicole Scherzinger Cleavage

Nicole Scherzinger cleavage

Here’s Nicole Scherzinger looking stunningly sexy and unleashing her drool-inducing cleavage and her awesome curves at Pride of Britain awards. This babe is off the freaking chart! Especially when she shows off her awesome booty and plentiful cleavage, which she’s totally doing in all of the shots. Which is why you need to stop reading this and start clicking on the photos. Go! Enjoy!