Nicole Austin Busts Out Her Crazy Cleavage

CoCo might be best known for her gigantic booty, but man does she have some impressive breasts on her. Here she is at some party I wasn’t invited to over the weekend showing off her absolutely amazing cleavage. Ice-T is a very lucky man. And I’m not talking about being able to get away with wearing velour tracksuits in the nineties. I’m not sure I would know what to do with these things, would punching them be inappropriate?

Nicole Austin Busts Her Massive Curves

I like big tits and big ass, but sometimes I think that CoCo’s curves are too much for me… This time I can say that she is looking just fucking hot in these pictures. Here she is dropping her massive curves at Good Morning America. So, If you’re into big breasts and an even bigger booty, you have to absolutely adore Ice T’s wife Nicole Austin… Enjoy

Nicole Austin Dog Walking

This is CoCo, right? Ice-T’s wife? The chick who normally dresses like she’s the headliner at your neighborhood strip club and whose pictures while posing in some tiny thong bikini I had the other day? I almost don’t recognize her. Here she is  her time in the sun in Miami while taking her big old breasts for a walk and showing off a hell of a lot of cleavage for the average woman, but this isn’t the average woman… This is CoCo damn it! I kinda like this chick, her curves might be a little extreme for me to handle, but I’m willing to give it a shot. Enjoy

Nicole Austin Big Booty In A Bikini

I wouldn’t say that Nicole Austin is really a classic beauty, but there’s something about her that peeks my curiosity. I’m not really sure what it is, it might be that she’s married to that guy from Law & Order SVU, or that she’s got one of the biggest booties known to man… Here is CoCo and her big booty squeezed it into a nice little animal print bikini, take it out to the beach this past weekend and show it off for the cameras. I love that she like to show this massive things off every chance she gets. Enjoy

Nicole Austin Big Ass At The Beach

I’m all for a chick in a bikini with some curves on her, but I think this is getting a little out of hand. Here is Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin sunning one of the biggest booties known to man in a tiny thong bikini at the beach the other day. At least I think it’s a thong, her butt is so large it might be a regular bikini that’s been swallowed up by that thing. Coco’s alien curves definitely need to be expertly photoshopped and re-touched by a team of nerds. That ass is just damn insane!… At least her tits look good.

Nicole Austin Busts Out Big Cleavage

When I saw these pictures I hardly recognized this Ice-T’s wife Nicole Austin… She is someone who normally dresses like she’s the headliner at your neighborhood strip club and who just recently posted pictures of herself balancing a beer can on her giant thonged booty on Twitter? So, my surprise is justifiably because here she is dressed completely normal, and although she shows off her recognizable cleavage she looks too often for my taste, at least when it comes to her… That’s just no fun…

Nicole Austin Topless Happy Holidays

Here is busty Coco aka Nicole Austin wishing us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by giving us the two best presents ever! Thank you CoCo, and I have a nice big present waiting for you to come pick up! OK, it’s not big, it’s average but it works great. It’s multi-purpose too. You can use it to spread lotion all over your boobs and scary big ass….