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Miley Cyrus Booty Cheeks In Denim Shorts

Miley Cyrus butt cheeks

Finally, we managed to get a picture set of Miley Cyrus without her sticking out her super long tongue. Not that it bothers me as much as the rest of you folks. And we’re not going to talk about Miley Cyrus twerking “controversy” from the VMAs, you can just check out Miley’s category for all the juicy photos. Anyway, here she arriving at a photoshoot hiding her face from Paparazzi. Luckily she’s wearing short shorts that give us a glimpse of her sweet little “ghetto” booty. I know that Miley’s twerking capabilities are awful, but I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mind letting her practice her moves while sitting on your lap. Does anyone really want Miley to stop wearing tiny clothes and showing-off her barely legal nubile body while she twerks? Enjoy this hot Miley Cyrus butt cheeks!

Miley Cyrus Sex Simulation On Stage

Miley Cyrus MTV Video Music Awards performance

All this Miley Cyrus tongue thing was great once or twice, but now it’s been so overused I’m starting to wonder if Miley knows how to use that thing properly!? Now, I guess all the non-stop tongue action and twerking that Miley Cyrus has been doing lately has just been warm-up for the MTV Video Music Awards, because she busted out both big-time last night. Problem is, it’s starting to go from “hot” to “trying way too hard” these days. Anyway, Miley Cyrus shocked the crowd with her wilde performance. Simulating a wide range of mostly solitary sex acts while wearing a teddy bear bathing suit, then tearing that off to reveal a flesh-coloured PVC bikini and simulating a further and more varied range of sex-acts at, with and on the musician Robin Thicke. That’s one hell of a costume change. Enjoy this hot Miley Cyrus sex simulation on stage!

Miley Cyrus Naughty Leather Outfit

Miley Cyrus Teen Choice Awards

Another day, another Miley Cyrus photo-op where she can’t keep her lizard tongue in her mouth. Here she is giving the camera some more serious tongue action at the Teen Choice Awards in some hot see through top and short leather skirt too. There’s no denying that she likes to flash the flesh in an array of skimpy outfits. Enjoy the view!

Miley Cyrus Nude For Marc Jacobs

Miley Cyrus nude marc jacobs

During the summer time, we look forward to the bikini photos of our entire favorite celebrity babes, but what we have not seen are some Miley Cyrus bikini pictures but, the good news is that she decided to strip down to her birthday suit for Marc Jacobs, so here is Miley Cyrus nude picture.  Supposedly it’s for a campaign to raise awareness for skin cancer research, which is great and all. Personally though, it’s definitely raising something at the moment, and it’s not awareness, if you know what I mean.

Miley Cyrus Gets Sexy And Leggy On Kimmel

Miley Cyrus kimmel

Miley Cyrus hot babe continues to promote her new music video and once again she is unleashing her naughty sexiness and a killer leg show this time for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here she is performing her crappy new single and a song with Will.I.Am, and I guess you do not have a desire to see actually hear the video, so these pictures would be enough to enjoy.

Miley Cyrus Tongue Action

Miley Cyrus tongue

Miley Cyrus broke it out her sexy tongue action for the Myspace Event Party in LA last night and here are the pictures… I didn’t know Myspace was still around, or that Miley’s old enough to even remember it. But if these guys can keep getting hotties like her to show up to their parties, I’m expecting a huge surge in popularity for the site. And judging from what’s happening in my sweatpants right now, it may have even already started.

Miley Cyrus Sexy Booty In White Leggings

Miley Cyrus sideboob

Here is Miley Cyrus hiding her face while heading to a studio in L.A. yesterday afternoon for some unknown reason… Miley may be covering half her body from the paparazzi, but fortunately for us, it’s the less interesting half. She has been shown all we’re actually interested in, an incredibly sexy booty and a little Miley Cyrus sideboob peek! Anyway, I thought I’d seen it all when it came to hotties in leggings, but Miley just taught me something new: they’re even hotter in white. Enjoy the photos.