Kristin Cavallari Post Pregnancy Hotness

Now that Kristin Cavallari‘s had her kid, it’s about time she got back to work. And since I don’t know what she does for a living other than being a former reality star and married to Bears QB Jay Cutler, I’m gonna go ahead and assume her job is to look hot in pictures for me. Welcome back Kristin. You’ve gotten bigger since we last saw you. And in all the right places too. I guess somebody was worried about losing her job.

Kristin Cavallari Boobs In Elegant Dress

Ouch, this is hot. Kristin Cavallari showing her big boobs squeezed in sexy elegant silver dress. In this Kristin Cavallri pictures we can see her big boobs while she leaves her home in  Oscar gown in Los Angeles on february 26 this year.
Damn Kristin Cavallari boobs sure looks sexy in this pictures,  i think that everybody’d lick this hot boobs.

Kristin Cavallari Sexy Legs

Kristin Cavallari has really stepped up her hotness game lately, hanging out in tight little dresses and showing off her sexy long legs. I like it. Here she is out on the town looking absolutely gorgeous. Who’s her hot friend? I kinda like her, I think it’s about time these two get drunk and do a little girl-on-girl tickle fighting or lesbionic experimentation. I think the shot of their cute little booties is my favorite. Enjoy

Kristin Cavallari Killer Legs

Here are a few pictures of Kristin Cavallari walking around in some little short shorts and showing one of the sexiest pair of legs in Hollywood, and god bless her for showing them off every single chance she gets… I really don’t know what she has been up to lately, spending all her crappy reality TV money on shoes, but I completely agree with that because this killer legs deserve to. Enjoy the killer leg show!

Kristin Cavallari Super Hot Legs

Something called Chinese Laundry has made Kristin Cavallari their ‘Web Ambassador’, so here are pictures of her looking amazing in her little tight dress showing off her super hot legs from that party in her honor. I don’t know what that means either, but I hope it involves showing us her boobs on the internet. She’s been voted off that Dancing With the Stars garbage, so I’m going to miss watching contraband youtube videos of her shaking her booty with whoever it was she was dancing with. Enjoy

Kristin Cavallari Sexiness

When I heard that one of my favorite reality TV nobodies Kristin Cavallari was going to be on this season of Dancing With The Stars, I knew exactly that she will be everywhere these days. I’m glad we will be able to see her shaking her little sexy booty once a week for at least, but here I have something pretty interesting. I don’t know what these pictures of Kristin Cavallari are from, she is hot and she’s wearing a nice trashy costume and that’s all that matters to me.I like it. Keep good ‘work’

Kristin Cavallari Killer Legs

I guess this is how Kristin Cavallari celebrate a broken off engagement with Jay Cutler douche… By walking around in her little sexy black dress and looking good while flashing off her killer legs right in our faces. Just as I expected. It didn’t take this blonde reality TV star to get back out her looking as sexy as ever. That will show him. But if she really wants to shove it in his face, she can wrap those hot legs around my neck…

Kristin Cavallari Single Again

Just last week Kristin Cavallari was sporting a huge rock on her finger, but today I got the news that Jay Cutler calls off engagement. I don’t want to sound completely insensitive, but I’m kind of happy that Kristin Cavallari is single again. Still, she doesn’t do anything and yet she’s still all over the celebrity blogs. If she got married, nobody would care what she’s up to and she’s go back to being a complete nobody… Anyway, here are some pictures of Kristin Cavallari looking hot in little short shorts while walking her dog without her engagement ring, while seemingly becoming agitated as she flipped her middle finger at photographers. Poor girl, I would like to be her shoulder to cry on, at least for a week or two… Call me