Joanna Krupa Topless Does Photoshoot

Joanna Krupa topless

Here is the best looking housewife of all the Real Housewifes Joanna Krupa topless on the set of a photoshoot in the Mojave Desert! Now, I’m not sure if she was changing or shooting a sextastic covered topless shoot, but I do know this — Joanna certainly keeps herself neatly groomed all over. Anyway, it’s great to see her tits but I’m curious to see the final photos. Looks like the dress she’s got on is very sheer. Enjoy the view!

Joanna Krupa Nipple Slip By The Pool

Joanna Krupa nip slip

These are a little better quality than those other Joanna Krupa paparazzi stalker pictures I posted few days ago, which is the good news. Better news is Joanna Krupa boob slip! Far be it from me to question anything related to some visual wonderments by one super fine female form like Joanna, but this casual nip slip bending over in Miami, well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say Joanna maybe kind of planned this one out. Which takes away nothing from the majestic sights provided by this Krupa nipple slip. But I’m satisfied with Joanna’s bare boobtastic on display even just a peek. And here is even better news, Joanna Krupa topless on Instagram. Forget the paps, this girl should just be her own photographer from now on. Enjoy the view!

Joanna Krupa In Bikini Relaxing Poolside

Joanna Krupa bikini

I don’t know what’s with these super low quality Paparazzi pics of Joanna Krupa in her backyard. You know Joanna Krupa is one of the few saving graces of reality television, a Real Housewife who is finally a  real housewife, with a legitimately hot body she likes to show off in many forms, including her bikini poolside at her home which seems set up for perfect photographic opportunities. We all know that these are staged and made to appear like some creep is spying on her. It’s a big fail and I hope the next time the chick gets into a bikini, we get the high quality images we deserve. I don’t like having my time wasted and I’m sure you guys don’t either!

Joanna Krupa Nipples Get Chilly

Joanna Krupa nipple pokies

Here she is hot Joanna Krupa at LAX and judging by those pokies, it must have been super chilly outside. Not even the bra she’s wearing can contain those nips! I’m sure every baby there took one look at those milkers and got hungry. I know I’m salivating right now. Now, I wonder, why is it that every time I travel, there’s never a girl who looks like Joanna on my flight? Enjoy this hot Joanna Krupa nippley gallery!

Joanna Krupa Sideboob Hosting A Bikini Party

Joanna Krupa sideboob bikini

Here’s Joanna Krupa strutting her sexy little self-down at the Hard Rock Hotel for some poolside party. I really don’t understand why she didn’t wear a regular bikini, but I guess I don’t need to complain because she flashed some awesome Joanna Krupa sideboob for me and looking really, seriously hot, and like someone I would love to do wonderfully dirty things with. It doesn’t even have to be in a sexual way. I’ll seriously take what I can get.

Joanna Krupa Married But Still Hot As Hell

Joanna Krupa hot

I’ve always had a major crush on Joanna Krupa, so when I heard she was just dating and even worse now married some douche-looking guy with a name like Romain Zago, it pissed me off immensely. These pictures of Joanna Krupa boobs almost spilling out of a sexy dress while leaving Boa restaurant the other night doesn’t make up for the fact that she married, but still does wonders for my erectile dysfunction issues. I hope it will remain so, and that marriage will not affect her hotness. Enjoy.

Joanna Krupa Busty In A Bikini Top

Joanna Krupa bikini host

After Joanna Krupa topless pictures we had last time, it is very difficult to find something as good as that, but these pictures of her looking pretty damn sexy while hosting the Hapari Swimwear line Launch at the Palms in a bikini is a close second. I’m still a little confused on how she didn’t see all the Paparazzi from different agencies taking shots of her sunbathing in her backyard with her boobies hanging out. However, I hope we will soon have the opportunity to see that scene again.