Heidi Montag Is A Stripper Now

Remember Heidi Montag? She was that chick who had a TV show for fifteen minutes, then went crazy with all the plastic surgery and dropped off the face of the earth. Memories. Here is Heidi Montag nude hosting the Crazy Horse Gentlemen‘s Club’s 3 year anniversary and she made sure to bring along the girls. I guess you have to when you are making appearances at strip clubs. I don’t think she performed, but if she wanted to be famous she should have followed the formula. Stay natural and cry because her douchebag bf released a sex tape. Now she looks weird and her life consists of hosting parties at strip clubs.

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Scars

Here is one of the most famous plastic doll Heidi Montag opens her soul to Life & Style magazine and exposes her numerous plastic surgery battle wounds. It seems that she has finally realized that undergoing 10 cosmetic procedures in one day may not have been such a great idea. Long time I have not seen any pictures of this media whore and that seems to she has lost ideas for new ways to find the center of attention, so Heidi’s scars may worry her, but it’s likely the interview is another publicity stunt… Heidi Montag plastic surgery is really big shit, but I’m actually diggin’ the way she looks, all Frankenstein’s monster-ed out… Joking aside, the worst part about this is I’ve seen a lot of bad plastic surgery. Outside of being a little large on the tits (which I don’t have an issue with), her doctor did a remarkably good job. She doesn’t know what true bad plastic surgery is! I think that she will in the near future to do another one, so, this and every previous of her publicity stunts will lose all meaning, like the fake Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt split.. That is really sad!

Heidi Montag Oops Flashes Her Panties

This time I spared you the story about how all Heidi Montag life is fake and everything she does, and her breasts, nose and who knows what else….Here she is with her fake husband doing something for a little attention at the beach.I hate myself for doing this, but this stupid pictures of the two idiots walking in the ocean would not be on my site if on some images do not see how Heidi Montag flashes her panties…That’s it.

Heidi Montag Oops Loses Her Bikini Top

We all know that everything about this chick is fake, fake hair, fake marriage, fake divorce, fake sextape and huge fake tits.Whether you surprised that this situation Heidi Montag loses her bikini top in the ocean is fake?Of course not!I wish we had a pic of Heidi Montag topless but I have to note that she showed more by this accident then she did for the half million dolars  she was paid for her Playboy photoshoot.However,I think she’s annoying beyond belief but she’s got one hell of a body.Enjoy

Heidi Montag Put Her Guns In A Tiny Bikini

I am so tired of stories about her fake marriage or her fake divorce,and the only thing I like from this whole story is the upcoming Heidi Montag sex tape with Playboy hottie Karissa Shannon, hope that’s the only true.Anyway here is Heidi Montag nude pretending pretending to be said for all her fake life and her said soul and killer body staffed in a tiny bikini,flash her guns and sip champange in aCosta Rican hot tub with her accessory dog.I’m so sick about this crap but how could I not put those things up on the site?I’m sure none of you care anyhow, tits are tits right?





Heidi Montag Big Tits In A Bikini

Today I decided that this be a “bikini day”,summer is coming to an end and I thought it would be good to put on the site as many of celebrity bikini pictures.And here are some Heidi Montag bikini from her vacation in Costa Rica.I hate that I have to say, but her body looks fucking hot and her big boobs are fantastic in this little pink bikini.But,what the hell is going on with her nose?She looks like someone dumped one on her face a week ago and she forgot to wipe it off…Probably is another Heidi Montag plastic surgery or something like that,but who cares,ignoring everything from the neck up…

Heidi Montag Busts Out In A Bikini

Heidi Montag unveiled her new little body and huge boobs in all its glory at the weekend – in her first bikini appearance since undergoing a whopping ten cosmetic surgeries at the beginning of the year.Here she hosted the grand opening of the Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas….Her booobs don’t look so good in bikini,they’re bigger than her head, but probably have the same number of brain cells….And  I must say don’t spend too much time in the sun Heidi,we’d hate to see you melt away!