Eva Longoria Booty In Tights Goes Jogging

Eva Longoria booty in tights

Here’s Eva Longoria going for a run and looking hotter than usual thanks to her skin-tight workout attire that’s giving us a drool-inducing view of her amplified cleavage, groovy little legs, and her awesome booty! Wow, she should really consider only wearing skin-tight workout leggings and sports bras from now on! Oh, and did I mention her awesome booty? I did? Well, it deserves at least a second mention. Enjoy!

Eva Longoria Boobs Are Newly Single

Eva Longoria cleavage on bike ride

I’m not a big fan of  Eva Longoria, but I read that she is newly single so it’s no surprise that she’s looking for a new boy toy by flaunting her little body while on a bike ride. What is it with her and keeping a man.. I’m starting to wonder ..does she have a smelly fanjita ? Maybe she has a Madonna 1978 bush. That would surely drive me away after about 30 seconds. In any case, I would have kept on her chest for now!

Eva Longoria See Through Cleavage

Eva Longoria see through dress

Usually I do not have often pictures of Eva Longoria on the site, but since we had those Eva Longoria topless shots she seems kind of more interesting than before to me… Here she is at something called the Global Gift Gala wearing a see through dress with cutouts in all the right places. Since I take this job pretty seriously, I’ve spent a lot of time examining all the pictures to see if Eva had any wardrobe malfunctions, but it looks like that damn funbag tape wins again. Which is too bad, because that would’ve been a great gift for Eva to bring everyone. Oh well, maybe next time. Enjoy the photos.

Eva Longoria Nipple Slip In A Bikini

Eva Longoria nipple slip

Eva Longoria is one of those women who doesn’t show up on the site all that often, but when she does she always makes it a good one with bikini shots or short shorts or good stuff like that. This time we have some Eva Longoria bikini pictures while vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend when she slips some serious full nipple in the midday sun for us all to behold. Wow, I think this is the closest we have seen to Eva Longoria topless. No matter how much I look forward to these pictures, I’m a bit confused with her belly condition, I mean she still looks hot as hell in tight dresses, but judging by these bikini pictures, it is clear that she needs to get her personal trainer to whip her into shape. When your name and body is how you make a living you need to stay up on that shit. Anyway, enjoy the photos.

Eva Longoria Sexy In Tight Jeans

Eva Longoria jeans

I can’t remember the last time I had some Eva Longoria nude pictures on the site, but this is how she get my attention always. Here she is out giving us something to look at again, by rocking some nice tight jeans and giving us a peek at that booty of hers. Sure, it’s not much, but it’s a nice reminder that Eva’s still around and looking good. I have to start posting on her more often…

Eva Longoria Sexes Up GQ Mexico

I don’t know what it is, but ever since Eva Longoria permanently benched Tony Parker, she’s just seemed so much more… interesting. Here she is looking her absolute sexiest ever in the newest issue of GQ Mexico magazine. Eva Longoria nude has impressed the hell out of me the last couple of months with a newfound sexiness, and not only does she continue to do so, but now she’s officially knocking me off my freaking seat. Enjoy.

Eva Longoria Nude In Bed From Sleep Book

Here is Eva Longoria showing off her picture-perfect booty for a new photography book called Asleep at the Chateau. Apparently some photographer got celebs to reenact their typical sleeping habits… I respectfully say I would love to eat her ass like a dog who has not eaten for a week, but a full frontal pic would have been better. Maybe next time?