Amanda Bynes Legs Are So Glowing

Amanda Bynes beauty
Guess which jobless celebrity showed up at Perez Hilton’s birthday party wearing a sexy pink dress and flashing her soon to be trademark nice long legs again? That’s right, Amanda Bynes sprayed on a special shade of orange for the occasion and slipped into an outfit that’s a little more conducive to showing off her legs. I’m no fashion expert but a pudgy face, orange skin and pink dress just clash…

Amanda Bynes Legs in Mini Skirt

Amanda Bynes short skirt
I am becoming a bit tired on this Amanda Bynes nobody, it’s the duplicate thing all time, a short skirt and a dull top. We get it, you’ve got nice legs! Move on with your life. Come to think of it I think this we’ve seen her in this precise outfit earlier. Deja vu. At least this time she’s brought a admirer that’s half modest to view, obviously not from the neck up, but her tits look like something I could really sink my teeth into.

Amanda Bynes Drunk Parties

Amanda Bynes nude seems to be doing really well for herself. Here she is partying at “My House” with some friend in her short skirt and heels showing off those long legs of hers. My House is so perfect name for a club. If I owned a club I’d call it Temple so that all the hot young celebs can tell their parents they’re going to Temple on friday nights and get totally sluty!