Kim Kardashian Curves Are Back

Kim Kardashian hot

Nobody wants to pay a fat Kim Kardashian. Fat Jessica Simpson may still be making a few hundred million selling her discount retail junk, but no Arab prince is going to hand over six rubies to jizz in the eye of a fat Kim Kardashian.  So Kim has been fussing over losing the baby weight since giving birth nearly four months ago now. You knew it wouldn’t be easy, but with the combination of the Kardashian diet powder that would get you arrested if you tried to transport it across any international border, and determination, and a whole of of Spanx and mirrors, Kim Kardashian hot is getting herself back into playing shape. Or, that might be, player shape. Either way, she’s looking curvy fine again as she made her way around Beverly Hills and West Hollywood over the weekend filming segments of her super real reality show. The magic is starting to return in all the right places. Enjoy the view!

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