Kim Kardashian Big Fat Booty

Kim Kardashian booty on Twitter

Here is Kim Kardashian showing her post-baby body in a racy swimsuit snapshot of her famous booty on Instagram. Now that the Atkins Diet has been revealed as Kim Kardashian‘s secret to successful post-baby weight loss, she is getting back to showing off her famous assets. The picture garnered a lot of attention, especially from Kardashian’s beau, Kanye West. He was apparently excited by the photo, proudly tweeting ‘heading home now’ and showing off the racy shot of his girlfriend. Kim Kardashian has been a mainstay of social media self-bodily promotion since the dawn of the widespread adoption of the technology really. Almost nobody put out more selfies than Kim Kardashian, both to feed her ego and her pocketbook. As she started to expand earlier this year, she pretty much went dark on that front, but now she’s back and booty-rageous in her new asstastic to the front Instagram photo sweeping the nation like a very round broom. Enjoy the view!

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