Joanna Krupa Cleavage In Strip Club

Joanna Krupa see through cleavage

Joanna Krupa really doesn’t need to do much to prove how great and underrated she is as a model and generally attractive woman. But just for good measure and to remind us that she’s the best Joanna Krupa hosted the fourth anniversary party for the Crazy Horse III Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas.  Nice gig for Joanna who has no reached the upper echelons of naughty hottie goodness with this classic name in strip clubbery paying her big dollars to show up all shiny and sparkling and showy to bring in the menfolk to their upscale establishment. But for some reason, hosting duties for a strip club party apparently don’t include stripping, which makes no sense to me. What better way could there possibly be to celebrate someone’s anniversary than with Joanna Krupa naked?

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