Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Pictures

Here are some hot pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt from her vacation in Hawaii. I’m not so close with this girl, probably because I don’t find that she is my type of woman, although I really love curvaceous babes, but every time I see some of her pictures she attracts my attention. Probably because she has big boobs and they look super good in this bikini top. However she is enjoying her life with her new boyfriend Alex Beh, looking like she has moved out of the straight up one of those hottie category and moved into the realm of ‘fun date at the Sizzler’. Oh god, if she would just let her top slip down when the cameras are rolling it would give her more public exposure than anything she’s ever been in and could lead to large money offers from major studios. Or at least give us poor guys something to live for in 2011. Enjoy this  Jennifer Love Hewitt bikini gallery.

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