Eva Longoria Nipple Slip In A Bikini

Eva Longoria nipple slip

Eva Longoria is one of those women who doesn’t show up on the site all that often, but when she does she always makes it a good one with bikini shots or short shorts or good stuff like that. This time we have some Eva Longoria bikini pictures while vacationing in Puerto Rico over the weekend when she slips some serious full nipple in the midday sun for us all to behold. Wow, I think this is the closest we have seen to Eva Longoria topless. No matter how much I look forward to these pictures, I’m a bit confused with her belly condition, I mean she still looks hot as hell in tight dresses, but judging by these bikini pictures, it is clear that she needs to get her personal trainer to whip her into shape. When your name and body is how you make a living you need to stay up on that shit. Anyway, enjoy the photos.

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